Monday, 3 September 2012

Loch Stock Round Up.

For those that were there, Loch Stock 1 @Loch Lomond will always be an unforgettable memory. It had everything from Red Bull jet skis, to surprise podium positions, to some pretty laid back police officers.
At this current time I can't really be bothered explaining everything that happened cause soooo much happened that it'd be nearly impossible. So here's it in bullet point form:

Stop 1 - Loch Lomond:
Cassels took first and Glenn took second in the Rookies. This event moved them both up to Men's B where they didn't perform nearly as well at Stop 2. Third place was won by Emmy from Edinburgh that went on to win the Rookies Tour.

Stop 2 - Loch Earnhead:

  • Jordan picked up two french hitch hikers and took them the wrong way.
  • Glenn hitch hiked successfully from Stirling to the party.
  • Glenn wasn't drinking :O.
  • Cassels past out.
  • No medals won.

Stop 3 - Fox Lake:

  • Mondo played golf against the corporations.
  • Glenn made it from france to the pub in time.
  • Cassels stood in fire.
  • Glenn flashed everyone.
  • Cassels whipped out a tantrum during the competition to secure a bronze medal.

Photos below.
Mondo taking a swing.
Walking on fire.
Glenn - The true Scotsman!
The Men's B Category. President Cassels for Bronze.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The First EVER Trip - Recap

Back from the first sesh of the trip.

Day 1

So the first ever trip of StrathWake was a huge success in everything from meeting new friends to 100% of members getting up on the board. Here's where I'm going to recap on the trip and detail as much as i can remember of it. ALL GOSSIP will be revealed.

Just going out on the boat for their first sesh.
Waking up in Glasgow City Centre to the sound of pouring rain did not bode well for the trip, however, with our 3 blue cars packed and on the road, the convoy headed north west to the banks of Loch Lomond where the sun was shining. The fact that we had forgotten John and Kat did not matter at all because like I said, the sun was shining.

Let's not beat about the bush here, the water was cold... very cold. The water at this time in the morning at this time of year is very, very cold. So cold in fact that most of the members could not feel their hands by the end of their session. COLD! However this did not stop every single member except two standing up on the board during their first tow. Those that didn't, managed later in the afternoon.

Glenn and his prize.
After all the sessions of the morning were over with we played with some chickens. I can't be bothered going into this in detail because it is exactly what it sounds like. It consisted mainly of everyone just chasing chickens.
We had a chicken vs chicken race where believe it or not, chicken won. There was photo opportunities with each chicken. Although I will give credit where it's due... Glenn actually caught one.


After the day was done and the sun had set, the clouds cleared up and the BBQ kicked off. This BBQ was very quiet and tame, so nothing happened at all. OK? Quick round up: 
  • We managed to barter a yacht for the night.
  • We shared lots of sandwiches. 
  • Deeny had too many sandwiches and started making weird noises.
  • We enjoyed the company of Barry, Ally, Trent (HI TRENT), and another Australian who stood up Sarah.
  • Sarah was dumped for a mid-night sandwich by said Australian.
  • Emily and Steffi baffled everyone with their hilarious outlooks on life. 
  • We let Deeny come close to death trying to get his sleeping bag off the yacht.
  • John decided that the best time to drink half a litre of malt whisky was at 4:30am.

Day 2

When we awoke from wherever we had fallen, most of us made it to the water again. John was inevitably KOed on the caravan couch for most of the morning but eventually got back on the water as well. The weather on day 2 could have been described as a typical Scottish spring day including sunshine and hail stones. However the water was as calm as Deeny was after too many sandwiches and was the perfect hangover cure. 

Not much more happened on day 2 except a nice bit of riding, and a lot of huge face plants that has left me with such a sore neck that my boss gave me the day off work.

So all in all it was a fantastic trip and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Make sure you check out more of the photos and videos that will be making there way onto facebook soon, and be sure to check with us when the dates for Trip Two is. We expect it to be a slightly smaller trip than this one but we have big plans for the summer so keep checking our facebook.